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Dec 17, 2003
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Well its here again, New Orleans annual excuse for a good party has arrived here again. Its Mardi Gras time and you know what that means: Fun, some booze, and maybe some mild debauchery from all sides of the aisle.

I wanted to say happy Mardi Gras to all and everyone on the EE board. Have a good time at the parades you may go too, the women you meet, and the bars you may go too.

I here in Mobile and have been waiting a long time to go to a big time parade in this town and hope to enjoy myself this year.

I hope you do the same and have a good time and be safe and act responsibly when are mildly drunk and having a feast.



Aug 15, 2000
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da boyah
Will you be showing up in New Orleans during carinval season, Saintsman? I'm not sure what's on my agenda for this year since the Super Bowl is in conflict with Bacchus, but so far, this is what I'm going to do.

1) Krewe du Vieux next Saturday. I'm going to a party in the Faubourg Marigny. Now Saintsman, I know you are a rock fan, but rock fans dig on street brass. And many of New Orleans' best street brass brands will marching on this atypical route through the French Quarter. (See list below). Funk band Juice is playing at the after ball which I was considering going to to drink with Jacob, but he is leaving town. Here's the list:
Kirk Joseph
Trombone Shorty
Treme Brass Band
Paulin Brothers Brass Band
Stooges Brass Band
Free Agents Brass Band
Hot 8 Brass Band
James "12" Andrews
Da Truth Brass Band
Rebirth Brass Band
Panorama Brass Band
The Jazzmen
Charles Joseph
Down N Dirty Jazz Band
The Soul Rebels
New Birth Brass Band
Bone Tone Brass Band

And here is a link to the webiste. *silght warning* as a parody parade, there is plenty of "off color" material relating to politicians, sex and drugs.


2) We're probably going to skip the local parade in Lafourche (low budget but pretty fun) in favor of going to the city to watch Endymion since it returns to Mid City for the first time since Hurricane Katrina. My brother lives a half block off the route, and my boy Mike lives 3 blocks from the beginning. That's always a good time.

3) We might find our way down to Houma for one of their parades. It gets pretty rowdy with lots of drunken idiots downtown and lots of 'wannabes'. There are usually fights to laugh at and such but it is still pretty safe.

4) Definitely going downtown Mardi Gras day to goof off in the Faugbourg and French Quarter. Who needs parades when you can have the real deal kind of fun? We'll probably go get our faces painted and wander around endlessly. Not sure if I'll be costuming this year or just getting my face painted.


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