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Feb 21, 2002
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I don't have a very strong team, so I struggle each week with my lineup. Help me pick my 2 starters at RB and 2 starters at WR:

RB Wali Lundy vs. Tenn
RB Cadilac Williams vs NYG
RB Steven Jackson vs Chargers
RB Thomas Jones vs SF 49rs

WR Donte Stallworth vs Jacksonville
WR Reggie Wayne vs Denver
WR Andre Johnson vs Tenn
WR Terry Glen vs Carolina

I'm leaning toward RB's Lundy and Jones and WR's Johnson and Wayne. Please give me your suggestions - all help is appreciated.
I think Wayne Johnson is a no-brainer at WR...RB I'm not so sure..

I'd say you'd have to start Jones and then Lundy if it's not a PPR league. However if it IS a PPR league, I'd probably start Jackson in Lundy''s place.
That looks like a pretty strong team to me.

I agree that the wr should be Wayne and Johnson.

Jackson and Jones for rb's. Jackson will make up his rushing yards with receiving yards.
thanks for all the help. I went with WR Wayne and Johnson and RB Jackson and Jones. (and Walli Lundy was a strong #3 option). But it was Wayne who got me the big points on Sunday afternoon.
Good for you. I am starting to bench Terry Glenn in all my leagues. Tony Romo isn't throwing him the ball like Bledsoe was. Good thing I got Joe Horn on the bench.

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