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Sep 20, 1998
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I am making crawfish traps and I need something to secure them with. My buddy is wanting to use zip ties, but I don't think they will last that long with zip ties. I'd like to find out what the clips are they use for securing ice bags but I can't find out what they are called. Any advice?
"secure" them with as in close them or as in tying them to a tree? zip ties would probably work in both cases.
Big zip ties will last. Get the ones with the metal clips.
I think you are talking about hog rings.

Yep, hog rings would be ideal. You can get them and cheap hog ring pliers from any decent sized farm/feed store. This would last longer than plastic or metal zip ties.
Thanks for the thoughts. I made 2 with zip ties so far, but I am going to replace the zip ties soon, if I can't find the bull rings I will just use regular wire.
Hog rings is what you need and get the crimping tool to go with them. Can find them at farm supply or feed/seed stores. They are used to make cages and hold chicken wire type fencing together.

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