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Sep 19, 2016
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London, England
Hello to anyone who reads this my name is andrew jackson Im a die hard saints fan all the way from london uk I cant describe the love I have for the saints and the who dat nation. I started off as a soccer fan and Ive always been a fan of the nfl but in the last 4 years after seeing the love and passion that the fans have for the mighty saints and how the whole community comes together sold me completley and herein lies my problem. As some of you may know watching a saints game in the uk is practically impossible unless resorting to illegal means and Im not gonna lie I have used them in the past such is my love for the saints but Im here asking for help because I want to watch my beloved saints properly. Between my kids and my bills, rent for example its impossible for me to afford 150 pounds a season for the nfl game pass heck I dont even pay for the sports channels over here cos they are so expensive so Im asking for help from anyone please would it be possible for me to use someones game pass account to watch the games Im desperate it kills me to know that we were playing and I couldnt watch. Win or lose I love the saints and always will to the day I die. I could not be more proud to be a part of the greatest fanbase in the nfl if anyone reads this and helps or not thank you and god bless you all much love from london WHO DAT!!!

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Mar 16, 2016
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The Desert
Try under "AM Football" section you'll see the Saints game listed tomorrow night

You'll have to click out of ads to begin watching but it's always worked for me

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