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Jul 8, 2001
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There are over 750 million people in the world today with some type of a disability!

Think about that number for a minute - the population of the state of California is about 30 million people. The population of the United States is about 250 million people. The population of the United States would only equal one third the number of disabled people there are in the whole world!

Some disabilities are visible, such as a person in a wheelchair, but other disabilities are invisible. Like an individual with a learning disability, even though you can not see a person's disability does not mean they do not have one.

Albert Einstein did not speak until the age of three. Even as an adult Einstein found that searching for words was laborious. He found school work, especially math, difficult and was unable to express himself in written language. He was thought to be simple minded (mentally challenged), until it was realized that he was able to achieve by visualizing rather than by the use of language. His work on relativity, which revolutionized modern physics, was created in his spare time.

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