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From what I've seen, he's a speed receiver with some pretty crisp route running (correct me if I'm wrong.). He isn't the type of WR Brees needs anymore. We need a taller guy that can go up for the 50-50 balls in the same way Thomas can. Probably someone like Justin Jefferson. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Saints go after Amari Cooper hard, either.
There's no doubt he has game-breaking speed; he's a legit 4.2 guy. The only problem is can Brees fully utilize him through the entire route tree at this stage of his career? I don't think Brees can hit him in stride on the pure 9-routes, or the deep posts anymore.

Payton could still utilize him on Jet sweeps, reverses, catch an Off corner off-guard with the occasional Bubble screen with Ruggs; If he catches a well placed Slant with some separation he's probably gone and turns a 10 yarder into an 80 yarder.

I'm not opposed though because he did improve as a route runner from 2018 to 2019; and usually the smaller, speedster types have questions with their hands and ability to fight for contested catches and with Ruggs there are no doubts about those traits. So I'm on board; if he's there. I just think he'll be gone, Philly and Buffalo pick before us and Wentz, and Josh Allen are both deep ball throwers so there's a fit for him.
Enough with the Brees can't throw it deep crap he threw it just as far as he ever threw it multiple times this season.

The problem is quite simple, we had three players that are fast. One is old but still pretty fast, another is young and pretty fast and then we have a guy that can flat out fly in Harris. In our last 8 games Ginn had 11 catches and 4 drops. No team in their right mind are going to let him get deep because they know he wont hurt them anywhere else and Ginn just doesn't have that kind of speed where he can run by guys with ease anymore. Harris had no intermediate catches all season. He caught a few screens along the line of scrimmage and went deep a few times. Teams know when he is in the game then he is trying to take the top off the defense. He's fast but until he proves otherwise, he's a gimmick receiver. TQS can run but he doesn't have elite speed and doesn't run elite routes. Corners can hang with him on the intermediate stuff and he doesn't have the elite speed to make a corner pay for taking one bad step. Kamara was supposed to be the guy that fixes teams from sitting back by making the first guy miss in the short game, he rarely did that this season.

I know, Brees under threw Ginn several times. That's because it takes Ginn longer to beat his guy deep which means Brees has to hold the ball longer which forces him to have to make a longer throw than all but a few guys in the league are capable of making. Remember when Brees used to hit the top of a 7 step drop and let it rip deep? I saw that one time all season, it was against the Vikings in the playoffs and ended up going into double coverage. A guy doesn't play almost 20 years and suddenly no longer throw the deep ball at the top of his drop for no reason, guys aren't getting open. Guys aren't getting open because our best deep ball receiver is a 34 year old guy with a bad case of the drops.

When we had Cooks it wasn't an issue. Brees knew when Cooks was even with anyone in the league he was running by them. Corners knew that if they gave Cooks a cushion he was going to break the route off and beat them for a 20 yards so double moves actually worked. We don't have that guy. We dont have anyone remotely close to a deep threat. We don't have a Devery Henderson, we don't have a Cooks, we don't have a young Ginn, we don't have a legit guy that can stretch the field. We don't even have a legit #2 WR that can be consistent.
Why make a pick with the "limitations" of Brees in mind when he may only be here for a couple more years. I never understand this thought process .... take the best player you can!

The only remaining concern with DB remaining with the team is who else can you afford with his anticipated sizable contract. Many positions will turn over this offseason and I personally don't believe that this team will be as good. Let's take a serious look at who we loose and gain in free agency and then consider the upcoming schedule. I'm just hoping that the "clock" hasn't run out on an era due to the over looked reasons.

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