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Jun 6, 2006
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Come her son, let me talk to you for a few minutes. No, we don't want your agent in the room. He works for you, and what we have to say, you need to hear, unfiltered.

First, we appreciate all the hard work you've put in. You've given us all of your effort, you've stayed late to learn, and never once did you complain about your salary as a 3rd round pick while you were leading the NFL as a TE. Never once did you do anything but bring honor to our organization. For these reasons, we want to make you the highest paid TE in NFL history

You don't need to make a decision today, but Here's our offer _____.

Yes, we know it isn't what you and your agent are "asking" for. Let me make one thing clear to you: we think your career arch will put you on the path to be a HOF TE-- not a HOF WR. The records you have broken were TE records. The pro-bowl and all-pro status you earned was as a TE. But more importantly, the defenders you've had all that success against were defenders who were tasked to cover TE's. Typically, teams aren't putting their top CB on you-- and the teams that were smart enough to do so were very successful defending you.

If I am not making myself clear enough, you are not a WR. Look in the mirror son. You've worked hard and been very productive, but a large part of your success is Sean creating mismatches by moving you around in different alignments-- we've exploited how they conventionally cover a TE. Simple as that. You can't line up the same way as Calvin Johnson and beat the same coverage play in play out on your ability like a Calvin Johnson or Josh Gordon. If we played you at WR exclusively, we would be hurting ourselves, and you wouldn't nearly produce the same. Tell me I'm lying.

To a man, every General Manager, every NFL head coach, every "football person", and YOU know damn well and good you are a TE, and can never be a WR.

That said, you can be a special, hall of fame worthy TE.

So son, your agent can try and argue for a WR franchise designation, but here's what's gonna happen. You can take this deal, which makes you the highest paid TE in the history of the NFL, and we will guarantee 40% of your salary.

Or, if you choose to insist on being paid as a WR, we will give you the WR franchise tag, and trade you to the highest bidding horrible team with tons of cap space and no QB, and we'll move on without you.

Simply put son, we will make you the highest paid TE, but we damn sure aren't going to pay you as a top tier WR. You can take the richest deal for a TE ever, stay with Drew Brees who you know is going to you every time, or you can "play hardball" and we will deal you to a place you will hate, with no chance to win a Super Bowl, no franchise QB, and a load of dysfunction to boot. How's Oakland or Jacksonville sound?

If I were the Saints, this is what I would do. I blame Loomis for waiting until now to do Jimmy's contract. I believe the Patriots kind of screwed us by setting the market with Gronk and Loomis was hoping he wouldn't have to do that kind of deal. But Loomis waits until we are between a rock and a hard place before extending young players (other than K and P) you know you will extend. Be proactive and do it before it really costs you. Paying Graham top of the market money would have cost less if you did it two years ago, when you had all the leverage, than now, when you have very little.

I'd also think outside the box. Instead of 5 years at 45-55 million, how about 5 years at 40 million with 75% of it guaranteed, but only to be paid out each year at __ date, voidable only if you are incarcerated or suspended for __ reasons.

In other words, guarantee more money than anyone's ever guaranteed (% wise) on a long term deal that totals less per year than top of the market. You know you are going to keep him the majority of the years, and you know even if you have to cut him after year __, you will take a cap hit regardless.

Instead of paying Drew Brees 20 million a year, how about cutting him a check for 16 million a year, 75% fully guaranteed? That's the kind of thing I am talking about.

It's less a letter to Jimmy Graham and more of what I am trying to yell to everyone on this board (and on the radio), who support Jimmy & his agent's claim that he should be tagged as a WR.

That is what is truly ridiculous. Every GM will tell you Jimmy Graham is a TE, and there is no argument. He can't play WR. If he could, he wouldn't be a TE. PERIOD.

So if it is condescending, good-- it was meant to be. And it wasn't directed to Jimmy Graham, it's not what I would do if I were the GM, it's aimed at those who will put up arguments that Jimmy should be paid as a WR. Jimmy has monster stats, but his stats come from exploiting LB's and S's-- who typically aren't great at coverage.

If Jimmy were a WR, he'd have every team's Darrell Revis covering him. Because we don't have very good WR's, teams with a good secondary are wise to put their best big DB on Graham. And when they do, guess what happens? Graham disappears.


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Jul 9, 2001
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I do like the "career arch" part....kinda added to the condescending nature of your talk with him.

Like the coup de grass so to speak.

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May 28, 2010
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This couldn't sound more condescending. I just watched 12 years a slave, and obviously its not bad like that, but that's just that feel I get from this letter.

Can't stand when people use the word son, no you aren't my father, stop calling me son.

Where did you even find this?


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Apr 22, 2011
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This installment of negotiating strategy brought to you by the "Incognito School of Management."


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Dec 16, 2004
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Or, if you choose to insist on being paid as a WR, we will give you the WR franchise tag, and trade you to the highest bidding horrible team with tons of cap space and no QB, and we'll move on without you.
Yeah, well, except it doesn't work that way. Jimmy can simply not sign the tag or refuse to negotiate a contract with another team and blow up any possible trade.

But nice tough guy approach.


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Let's understand the root problem.

The problem is not letting contracts run to the last year: this is a symptom, not the problem.

The real problem is that we don't have space in our cap current structure to extend contracts. We are having the problem with Jimmy Graham and will have the same with Cam Jordan.

Now, besides Pacino-type speeches, there is one truth, there is a budget allocated for Jimmy's contract for this and the following years.

Forget positions, there is a final figure and Jimmy and his agent have to decide to accept it or put the saints in a position to look for another solution (that can be either trade him or loose him in 2014 as an UFA).

Jimmy has to weight money, playing with Drew, and the possibility to play elsewhere, and make his decision, the same way I think the saints have done after analysing every possible option.

It's just as simple: balance money vs playing with the saints, and Jimmy, and everyone else, is entitled to his decisions.
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Apr 15, 2004
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People are really overrating things. This is negotiations. Graham asked for more than what he truthfully wants with the flexibility of negotiating downward. The Saints made their offer and are probably willing to raise it somewhat if it gets a signature. Each side gives in a little and they step closer together as the negotiation progresses. How many people here when they are selling something off place the value exactly at an items worth? We all offer a higher price, when we buy we offer a lower price whenever we are in negotiations.

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