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Mar 18, 2001
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Why do y'all still play games in Little Rock sometimes?
It seems like y'all lose a big part of that homefield advantage. Fayetteville is so hard to get to it helps Arkansas.
Any stats on homefield advantage between the two places?
IIRC, Arkansas is undefeated in Little Rock (or close to it).

Interesting fact: ULM played Arkansas there once for a ULM home game. It was some very creative scheduling by ULM/Arkansas so that ULM would have enough home games to keep I-A status I think.
I think we are about 20-1 in Little Rock since Nutt has been the coach. That place will be off the chain Friday...... It is a bigger home advantage there for some reason than in Fayetteville.

The thing that is different about our state and the Hogs is that the Razorbacks belong to the whole state. They are our pro team so to speak....

We have played games in the Rock as long as I can remember. The basketball team used to play several games in LR and in Pine Bluff in SE Arkansas.

And yes, ULM did count their game this year in LR as a home game so they could meet the requirement of 15,000 attendance avg for D1.
I didn't know that about the record at Little Rock. I have been to Fayetteville once and have talked to some players and staff with the Vols over the years and they all say how much they hate going there, so I just assumed it was more of an advantage than Little Rock.
War Memorial in LR only holds about 55,000 but it gets really loud. I think it has something to do with the bowl shape holding the noise.

I am sure the folks down there are ready to watch the team in person against a quality opponent. ULM did not provide much of a challenge.
I would start by guessing there's lots of alumni is Little Rock. Is that true?

I'm sure there are lots of alumni down there, but it doesn't matter. I went to the University of Central Arkansas, before ending up over in Fayetteville, and everybody was always talking about the Hogs at UCA. You don't have to be an alumni to be a Razorback fan. They are seen as the ambassador for our state, which has always taken the brunt of jokes from the rest of the nation.

This state is Razorback crazed. I know yall have several universities down in LA that split the fan base, but this state is pretty much Razorback red. There might be some in NE Arkansas, where Ark State is located, that don't admit to following the Hogs, but that is about it........

It should be a lot of fun Friday. I know some guy keeps posting on here how LSU is going to bury us, and they might do it, but I really think we can hang......

And by the way, I fell for the Saints when I was 5 years old, so I kinda always rooted for LSU on the side.........

Not this week though.........Sooooooie Pig!
The Hogs and ULM have a 10 year contract to play ULM home games in LR. It is techincally a netural site. The Hogs have played games down in LR forever and a few years ago they tried to take all the games away from LR but the Politcal powers said they would try to pass legislation to keep them playing. So in order not to lose a home game in Fayeteville and to keep the LR fans happy they made the deal with ULM. As for the LSU game down in LR, it is the day after Thanksgiving and a lot of the students have gone home for the holidays. It is the same thing around Christmas when the Basketball Hogs will play in Alltel arena during the Christmas break.
Anyone ever see the documentary "Gang Wars: Bangin' in Little Rock?"

Not sure why, but that's the first thing that came to my mind.

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