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Sep 26, 2006
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Devery Hinderson is the epitome of why the Saints never succeeded in the past. Great on paper horrible on the field!

I love how so many say that he’s a gamer, bad is bad and catching a couple and dropping a couple is not going to make you a good NFL receiver. I have yet to see him make a play that any other receiver couldn't make.

I don’t want to hear it, until you can consistently catch the ball and make plays, you are not a player.

The Saints would be better to remove this perennial tease from their roster and get another football player to replace him. Problem is, there probably isn’t one available right now but in the off season. He and other players like him need to be removed from the team.

Henderson is the offensive equivalent to (Can’t remember the LB’s name that played strong side for us for several years.) Looks like Tarzan plays like Jane.

PS. I can’t believe how much Marcus Colston means to this offense.
Ha Ha Ha

5 catches for 91 yards...yea that stinks....wait untill the day is over

249 yards passing for the Saints in the first half yep Colston is missed but not with number's like this from Henderson and oh yea Joe with 87
Also not to mention Joe has just dropped a wide open first down on the open drive in the second half killing it. Hmm guess he ain't a player as well.
he has dropped one or two today...

But to say he is "the epitome of why we never succeeded"

When copper is on the team... welll... I just cant agree...
I think you should start looking at those WRs who consistently turn the ball over before you knock the guy whose is filling in for the leagues best in Colston with 8 catches for 150 yards, not to shabby. Copper is a huge reason for the for the last 2 games.
Devery throwing 3 ints including 2 in the end zone. plus the fumble plus getting burned but CJ 3 times cost us the game

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