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Jul 18, 1998
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Shocking fans who had assumed that director Peter Jackson, who was responsible for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, would direct The Hobbit -- a kind of prequel to those films -- and another Lord of the Rings epic, Jackson said on theonering.net website Sunday that he had been advised by New Line that the studio "would no longer be requiring our services on The Hobbit ...[and] was now actively looking to hire another filmmaker." ...............

Oh, well, then, no reason to go on living, I guess....
in all honesty, much of peter jackson's visual style can be duplicated. Movies are very much a copy cat industry. the big issue is can the top notich writting, acting, tallent, and editing be up the standards that Jackson and Fran set?
Not really too excited about the "Hobbit" movie anyway. "Lord of the Rings" was classic, but didn't care too much for "The Hobbit". Now I wish they would move forward with the talks about making a movie of Steven Donaldson's Thomas Covenant books.
There was talk of some "Elric" movies as well, but I have not seen any news of late.
Elric, eh? Now there'd be a film to make The Crow look like Mary Poppins.

Did I misread it or are they talking about The Hobbit and another LoTR epic...as in two new films?

I pity the man tasked to put The Silmarillion on screen.
But would Cate Blanchett remain young-looking long enough to finish?

Galadriel is something like 100,000 years old.
If I see an elric movie being made, it better be great....just the thought of those books being made into a movie gives me goosebumps.
As long as Uwe Boll is far far away, I don't really care:)

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