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Jan 2, 2010
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i know there are several posts addressing these, but i don't know if one gives opinions for all.

offered a job in another city, which by luck happens to be where my brother and sister-in-law are moving.

great opportunity. biggest question is, my house is already worth 40k more than purchased. needs a paint job and a little tlc.

1499 sq to paint. is this costly or can it been done within a month by myself, or just not worth it?

very little needed interior. front needs a little 'extra' though already working on it (garden that is).

paint is the most important.

roof less than 4 years old (11/2016), spray foam attic and underneath house (11/2016). ac and most ducts replaced (09/2017). grandmother's suite outsize 400-500 sf. 8' high fences. very desirable neighbourhood near capitol downtown br.

valued 28k more at the time when purchased 01/2017, not including the surge since.

i guess, other than paint, worth it to even address?


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Mar 1, 2007
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congrats on the job offer. I hope it's a good move for you.

I'm actually sort of branching out right now. I had a lot of copies of my resume floating around recently, just before I went back to full time work. One actually nibbled a bit today. I won't know about an offer for a few weeks, though. However, I'm also not sure I'll want to take it. Tucson? hmm...


Feb 26, 2004
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exterior or interior painting?

Like Devildog said, if interior, we did Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, just before we sold our home in 2019. I did some, but hired a friends retired dad to do large parts - cost us about $500 in total ( incl paint) and it not only opens up the home, but gives it crisp, fresh look as well.

Exterior, thats a larger job and will probably run about $2k or so. ( just going off what i hear from my painting clients ) and thats if no siding has to be replaced/repaired.
Ha! We did the exact same color in our house when we sold it last year. I'm getting ready to build another house next year and that will most likely be the color we go with. It was funny because after we were done, my wife and I looked at each other and said, "Why didn't we do this years ago?" :hihi:

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