Hope we don't wait til the second half to insert LM (Latavius Murray-Mod edit) (1 Viewer)


Aug 24, 2015
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Melbourne, Australia
Murray has been criminally under-utilised by this team since we acquired him. Throughout the course of last year I watched as he was overlooked time and again in favour of a gimpy Alvin Kamara (though none of us knew how badly injured AK41 was), while Ingram was absolutely dominating for the Ravens. We saw glimpses (e.g. the game v the Bears) but he rarely had a proper opportunity to find a rhythm.

Moreover, even though Murray’s usage remains lean, he would appear likely to get more looks with Hill at QB. And Ingram appears to have hit a wall this season which can happen to backs over the age of 30. As much as MI22 will always be a favourite of mine and the circumstances around his departure were clearly avoidable, I am
starting to feel more comfortable with how that post-2018 off-season played out. I just wish Payton tried to find a more expansive role in the offence more often.

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