HOU TE Joel Dreessen or NYG TE Kevin Boss?? (1 Viewer)

Which TE would you start this week?

  • Dreessen @ Philly

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  • K. Boss at home vs. WAS

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Aug 3, 2001
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I was doing soo well with Gates as my TE, and now he's banged up pretty bad. Even though he might play this weekend, I don't expect it to be for more than 1-2 quarters. His backup Randy McMichael is nursing a hamstring injury, so I've looked elsewhere for a decent TE for the last couple of weeks.

I started Dreessen last week, and he did ok for me (9pts). This week, HOU is @ Philly, and Boss and the Giants are at home in the Meadowlands vs. WAS.

In a PPR league, who would you start this weekend? I'm currently ranked #2 out of 12 teams, and I'm on a 7 game winning streak...and this week go up against the guy that's in 1st place, so me stating that this is a crucial win would be an understatement. :hihi:
PPR, I'd say Boss. May be basically a wash though.
PPR, I'd say Boss. May be basically a wash though.

Thanks man, I was kind of thinking the same thing...it's kind of a wash between those two. Greg Olsen is also an available FA TE in my league, but he's about on these same level as these two right now, I would think.

What's everyone else think?

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