House burning in san diego (1 Viewer)

Sep 6, 2007
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San Diego
Not sure if everyone knows about this but 11 am pst they are burning a house that was found to be full of explosives. "Authorities" decided the only safe way to get rid of everything in the house was to burn it. Anyone remember that sperm whale that washed up on the bech in oregon about 10 years ago? Yeah this house is in the middle of a neighborhood and it just seems like the most idiotic thing I have heard in recent memory. I will go outside and see if I can see it though lol.
yup house went up in smoke, seems like such a waste especially since houses here cost so much... hey at least cali is rich enough to burn down real estate(sarcasm... most in debt state in the US I believe) ... wow.
No chance that it took the charger's stadium with it? That'd probably be a good enough excuse to move to L.A.......
Probably cheaper and lower risk than gutting the house and removing all traces of the explosives.

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