How are the 400 level seats? (1 Viewer)


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Feb 18, 2000
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I was wondering how those seats were i think they are the ones behind the window, anyone ever sat there can you see good from there?
400 level are the suites. The lower rows of the Terrace hang over them and I have been told they obscure the replay screens and the upper scopreboards. But what would you need with either, since you'd be in a suite and would have a plasma HDTV right there.
I sat in the 300's for the Ravens game, the fans were pretty lame, I much prefer the terrace
Since I live up in Maryland now, I want to start spending New Years, New Orleans style. My girlfriend is all about a vacation to watch the Saints play at home. What section are the terrace seat? I want to make sure we have some great seats (if I can still find some tickets).`

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