How can a non season tix holder get playoff tix? (1 Viewer)


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It is fairly obvious to me that we are heading to the playoffs. While it could be as a Wild Card team, I am cautiously optimistic about the fact that we WILL have a home game or two, maybe even three, if the team continues to do the job that they are doing, AND the 12th man continues to do its job.

While I do not wish to be overly optimistic or get drunk on Black and Gold Koolaid, I really believe these are NOT my Daddy's Saints. Heck, I'm 46 and have been around since the beginning. These are not even my old Saints. They are a new breed, OUR new breed, a phoenix that has risen from the fiery waters of the greatest natural disaster this country has ever seen. And this phoenix can fly! No dirty bird here.

Lets all have faith, and focus on doing all we can to keep our team in games, no matter what the score may get to be this season. I know I will never give up yelling for the three more games I am going to make it to.

That said, this is an unabashed begging for tix. If anybody finds that they cannot go when playoff time comes. I wanted to be the first to ask for you to remember me when the SAINTS GO MARCHING IN!
on a related question

on a related question -- if we have season tickets and the playoff game is an away game -- is there a lottery system to get tickets or are we just out of luck
Don't forget that there's always Craigslist and ebay.

For the Atlanta game I had one friend complaining that tickets were going for $1,000 and refused to pay it. (I told him it was his fault for not recognizing that it was going to be a great event) But another friend just monitored Craigslist and found a ticket a week before the game for face value.

As far as the policy goes, I'm really sure how the allotment of away tickets works- if there is such a thing. It might be first come first serve. With home games, you don't get them automatically if you are a season ticket holder. But you do have a sort of right of first refusal- but a limited time in which to agree to buy the ticket. Then they go on sale to everyone- if any are left. (I think that's how it worked in the past...)
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