How can ND be a BCS consideration? (1 Viewer)

Oct 4, 1998
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Ascension Parish
Other than HUGE following how are they considered?

09/09 #19 Penn State W 41-17-Average Team
09/16 #11 Michigan L 47-21-Good team
09/23 at Mich St W 40-37-Bad team and barely won
09/30 Purdue W 35-21-Poor team
10/07 Stanford W 31-10-Poor Team
10/21 UCLA W 20-17-Average Team and barely won
10/28 at Navy W 38-14-Umm, Ok
11/04 UNC W 45-26-Yeah powerhouse here
11/11 at Air Force W 39-17-Umm, ok
11/18 Army W 41-9-Yeah ok
11/25 at #3 USC L 44-24-Good team

They have beaten no one and they got pounded last year by tOSU in their bowl game. There should not be one iota of BCS consideration for this team.
Until they cease to be Notre Dame, they will always be in contention for a BCS Bowl...
They beat absolutely no one and when they played a good team they were destroyed. If they make a BCS game I will void it at all costs except when the clock hits zero and they are 20 points losers.
Even during the USC/ND game, Brent Muskburger (sp) and Kirk Hurtstreet were pushing for a Notre Dame vs Michigan rematch in the Rose Bowl, citing the Four Horsemen...don't they realize that Michigan already killed Notre Dame this year and ND has to schedule the depleted military schools just so it can even be considered for a Bowl game every would be an outrage if ND gets picked over LSU for the Rose Bowl. Let LSU play Michigan, they deserve it after the brutal schedule they went through this year...
The bcs matches the top 2 teams, the rest is controlled by the good ole boy network. Money rules college fb. You could have a record of 8-4 and get a
better bowl than a team finishing 10-2. Why? It's easy, first you have to have a good ole boy membership, a huge fan base, and a large conference which equates to more coaching votes. If you don't deserve it, your good ole boy league will vote for you to make it. Politics are ruining cfb. PLAYOFF!!!!!!!!!!!
That will eliminate all doubt who the title winner would be.
NCAA basketball has it right.......a true winner is crowned.

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