How do you plan on spoiling the NFL draft for everyone on (1 Viewer)

Spoiling? How do you spoil a draft pick? It's not The Sixth Sense. What possible difference does it make to learn we're getting Tua from someone other than Roger Goodell?

It’s one of the ongoing debates about the draft here. Some want to watch the draft live on TV and comment about it. The problem is the NFL usually ends up delaying the live feed so while TV is showing pick 12, the actual draft may already be on pick 18.

If someone enjoys the tension of waiting for the Saints pick live, following along with fellow SR members can ruin that experience as people like to post results early from twitter feeds.
After the Saints select a player that I don't want, I intend to whine about it the rest of the day, weekend and month. Then I will bring it up in later threads throughout the season to express my displeasure with the selection, just in case you forgot I didn't want the guy.
After banning guido, I plan to criticize everyone for whichever player they suggest would be the player the Saints should take at #24. Simultaneously, I will insist that they recognize my brilliance for pointing out the actual player the Saints should take.
I will probably sleep through it since it starts at 2A here. I'm in Eastern Europe and 6 hours a head of EDT.

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