how easy is it for kids to get weapons into schools watch this video. itll open eyes (1 Viewer)

While I see your point,Id like to see him walking with all of that in there.
It's a training film so they probably stuck all those guns in his jeans while he was standing behind the table. ktulu909 has a valid point, he would really be walking in a very strange manner if he had to walk very far.
The scarey ones are the ones that walk in with them in plain sight. Anyway, there is no way that kid could have walked with all of that. Nice commercial, but with 50 pounds of metel in his pants, no way. What I worry more about is the adult who is mad coming to take out his kids teacher because they were picking on him. However as I point out to all my hispanic coworkers, we have nothing to worry about because it is white people who shoot up schools, and where I work there are no white parents.
He wouldn't need to walk in there with ALL of those weapons. One would be enough.

Kids do it every day, at schools across the country. Kids of ALL colors.
PEOPLE... we all know he couldnt walk with all of those firearm on him and thats not what the video is trying ot say.. he could walk in a school with just one of those guns and no one would know. come on folks i know yaw are better than that.
I agree. I understand the point of the video but it's extreme

its the safety of our kids....
extreme. mmmmmmmmm
can you go over board yes but not with our kids and and their safety. With everything thats been going on in our schools and our kids being killed we should be more concerned...
Well, what would one do? Employ airport security techniques at our schools (and we all know how well those work)? If some lunatic kid or parent or madman is determined to shoot up a school, they will. The best weapon we have in combatting such incidents is for teachers to monitor those who appear disillusioned and seek to engage them. If our high-schools were more than daycares and football programs, we wouldn't have such incidents. If parents were more involved in recognizing when their children are ostracized and have become disillusioned, it would also reduce such violent incidents.
Parenting is the answer. And there is no way to force someone to parent their child. Therefore, there is no answer.

Teachers can only do so much. Especially in the circumstances in which they find themselves these days.

The schools need more counselors and psychologists to deal with the troubled children. The teachers need to TEACH if the kids are going to learn how to read, write, and do math.
Michael Moore already showed me this on Bowling for Columbine. :shrug:
im a senior in high-school and i tell ya...

someone bringing a gun to school and starting a columbine is always in the back of my scares me to death...cause there is crazy kids like that.

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