How much do you hate the Falcons? (1 Viewer)


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Sep 27, 2006
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Would you rather lose to Atlanta and be guaranteed a playoff spot, or beat Atlanta, but with no guarantees about a playoff appearance?
God help me but I can't stand them and considering ....... what the **** beat the crap out of them
good thing that this isn't the case. We win and Romo wins and this past game is a distant memory. I'm not talking playoffs until the Carolina game.
well, obviously the big picture is what counts- so take the playoffs over beating the falcons.

but i really really despise the falcons. i love seeing them in total disarray like they've been lately. i love seeing vick scramble around with nowhere to go and noone to throw to. it makes me happy.
My sister lives in Atlanta, and loves her Falcons.
but it gets worse: My cousin, who is more like my brother, and my uncle, who is basically like a father, root for DALLAS! sigh.
and 2 of my dearest aunts live in the Bay Area and root for the 49ers. ???
My other 1st cousin, who is also brotherly to me, is a Steeler fan, but he always calls to congratulate me when the Saints win.

...and they all loved my Superdome grooms cake...(see avatar)

It seems like every sunday someone has to suck it up, get tough, and make that congratulatory/concession another family member.

so yeah, I hate the Falcons, in a fun way. I think their fans feel the same about us. I like when they come to the Quarter and talk smack, but then they buy you a beer. Its like when I was at Candlestick one day, and these guys yelled, "Saints suck!.... and then they motioned me and said, "you want some BBQ?"

We beat Atlanta we have a better chance of making the playoffs this year. Considering if our only options were the ones you gave us I personally would take the loss to be garaunteed playoffs. This isnt reality though. We NEED to beat Atl.
I know its not reality, its a hypothetical. Nothing we post determines reality. I'm just curious as to peoples' opinions is all.
I would choose the playoffs, but I still want to see another Falcons smack down session by the Saints.
I hate whoever the saints play during the week
I would rather lose to the Falcons and get to the playoffs
I dont like the Coaching staff for making plays to dilibertly injure other teams, nor the fans because they are a bunch of bandwagoning homers that know little to nothing about football, i know they they god everyday for Wikipedia when they get into a debate about football., so i can't possibly like the falcons, but if we had to lose to them to get to the playoffs what better way to Throw it in they're face by showing up in the playoffs and not them? HELL YA PLAYOFFS!

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