How the heck does a team pass on Drew Brees? (1 Viewer)


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Aug 23, 1997
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Perhaps over stated, but I think him to be the best game manager that I have ever seen. When I think about how we got him, I shake my head in disbelief. What were the Chargers thinking? What was Miami thinking? Oakland? Think about it, Patton refuses the job at Oakland one year and takes the Saints job the next. Brees gets hurt on the last play of the game one year only to star in N.O. the next. Colston is the forth from last player taken in the draft and could end up being the , "best in the business." Reggie Bush is past over by Houston as the first player taken in the draft. The coaching staff made up of NFL rethreads and college wanna-bes, that knew Payton, may be the best that we ever had. AND, Tom Benson opened his pocket book near the end of his life in a manner previously not seen. There is more, but suffice to say, "Something is going on!"

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