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Jan 27, 1999
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I know of two 2020 preview magazines--Lindy's and Athlon. The player rankings in the magazines are interesting, as are some glaring omissions.

Quarterback--Lindy's uses two classification for its rankings: traditional and all-purpose. In the traditional class, Brees is ranked 1st. In Athlon, there is simply one ranking, and Brees is ranked 4th.

Running Back--Lindy's uses the classifications Ones and Twos. In the Ones grouping, Kamara is ranked 5th. In the Twos grouping, Murray is ranked 9th. In Athlon, there is simply one ranking, and Kamara is ranked 16th.

Wide Receiver--Lindy's used the classifications Big-Play and Best Of (which then has Ones and Twos subgroups). In the Best Of grouping for Ones, Thomas is ranked 1st. In the Big-Play grouping for Twos, Sanders is ranked 7th. In Athlon, there is simply one category--wide receivers; Thomas is ranked 1st and Sanders 29th.

Tight End--In Lindy's, Cook is ranked 9th. In Athlon, he is ranked 5th.

Offensive Line--In Lindy's, Armstead is ranked as the 5th best left tackle and Ramczyk as the 2nd best right tackle. In Athlon, there is one listing for tackles, and Armstead is ranked as the 9th best and Ramczck as the 6th best. In Lindy's, Peat is ranked as the 4th best left guard, and McCoy is tied with two others as the 10th best center. In Athlon, Peat is not ranked, and McCoy is ranked as the 3rd best center.

Defensive End--In Lindy's, for DEs playing in a 4-3 (again, the subgroups), Jordan is ranked 1st. In Athlon, he is ranked as the 6th best defensive end. No other Saint is listed.

Defensive Tackle--In Lindy's, there are the 4-3 and 3-4 subgroups, and Rankins is listed 4th for 4-3 DTs. No Saints make the Athlon DT list.

Linebacker--Lindy's contains rankings for 4-3 and 3-4 outside linebackers and then 4-3 and 3-4 inside linebackers. In Lindy's, Davis is rated 1st in the 4-3 outside group. Athlon simply has one ranking for all linebackers; Davis is ranked 4th.

Defensive Back--Lindy's ranks cornerbacks as Ones or Twos. Lattimore is ranked 7th in the Ones CB group, and J. Jenkins is ranked 8th in the Twos CB group. M. Jenkins is ranked 12th in the free-safety group and M. Williams is ranked 5th in the strong-safety group. Athlon has different categories. In the cornerback category, Lattimore is not ranked (?), but J. Jenkins is ranked 21st. In the slot defender category, M. Jenkins is ranked 9th--and Gardner-Johnson is ranked 8th. In the safety category, Williams is ranked 5th.


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Great post, R.J. Thank you. :beerchug:

Very encouraging that we have Saints in the TOP TEN in every category. Surprised that special teams isn't rated. Lutz & Deonte Harris have to be in the top 3, regardless of who's grading it.

Athlon rating Cam Jordan as 6th best... makes me wonder how many blunts they have been toking on.


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Thanks for sharing. I think I’m most excited about Gardner-Johnson this year. He’s so fun to watch fly around the field.
It still doesn’t sit well with me how CJGJ completely threw Brees under the bus after the character assassination attempt earlier this offseason. He dumped on Brees before he knew the whole story and all of the facts.

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Apr 7, 2010
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Good info, hopefully we can see it play out on the field. I just don't think it's going to happen this year.

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