How We Play Football in Louisiana by Jarvis Landry


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Mar 12, 2005
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I was sitting in the auditorium at the LSU football facility with Jeremy Hill and La’el Collins, two local Louisiana boys who had recently committed to LSU. It was 2010, my junior year of high school, and I was on an unofficial visit, still undecided.

I’m a Louisiana kid myself, but honestly, LSU wasn’t really on my radar. At one point, I had actually been ready to commit to Tennessee. They had a wide receivers coach up there named Frank Wilson who I really liked, and he had offered me a scholarship.

But then he got a new job.


He was there in the auditorium that day. So was head coach Les Miles, who sat down to talk to me. Afterward, he left the auditorium, and then the lights went down and some old LSU highlights began to play on a big projection screen.

Jeremy and La’el had been trying to sell me on joining them at LSU. Anthony Johnson — some people called him “the Freak” — was another Louisiana boy and a top recruit who had just committed. The goal at LSU was to establish a brotherhood of Louisiana boys who stayed home to create a family of homegrown talent.

Family. That was the motto. They called it “the Fam.”
So I was sitting there in the dark, and … I don’t know what happened. But watching those old LSU highlights I started picturing myself in purple and gold, and then something inside me just clicked. I opened my mouth and said exactly what I was thinking, out loud, straight from the heart.

“I think I’m gonna stay home.”

Jeremy, La’el and Coach Frank all turned and leaned in toward me. I was still looking up at the screen.

“Yeah. I’m gonna commit.”

Great read imo

How We Play Football in Louisiana | The Players' Tribune


Play at your own risk
Jul 9, 2001
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That was pretty good description of Louisiana High School Football no matter what Class.

Hopefully that FAM tradition continues with Coach O. I don't see how it wont.

If not, bring in

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