Hows this for bandwagon? (1 Viewer)

I, being a long time saints fan have come up with the best way to tell if somebody is a bandwagon fan or a real fan (even if they are short timers) I just look at them and say whodat. if I don't get back whodat say they gonna beat them saints I know their on the wagon and just let it be. its ok as long as their not bashing the team if they do bad.

Yeah, that's a great test! Even before this, that was a good test.

I was in a sportsbar in Atlanta (not in football season) and this dude had a Deuce jersey on. I was like "hey man- whodat!" and he had no idea what I was talking about. He was like "I just like the black and gold."

The black and gold is pretty sweet though... :)
Sporting my Saints gear here in Nashville.

I HAD to watch the Philly game, so my wife, my 1 year old and I headed on over to the local sports bar. As soon as we walk in we see the front tables FULL of Saints fans. Seemed like they were all from the Louisiana area, one was from Manshac if I remember correctly. After the FG goes through th uprights, the whole bar erupted in cheers- and then some guy starts playing "When the Saints go Marching In" on harmonica - it was pretty cool!
Amazing what a good record can do for merchandise. Awesome to see. Go Saints!!

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