I’ve seen enough. We are not going anywhere with DA, PC & JW. (1 Viewer)

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Without reading all four pages, there are a lot of things that need to be addressed in order for us to turn the season around.

Pass Protection: The OL cannot seem to pick up the blitz. Teams are going to blitz us until we can prove we can deal with it. In three games, we still cannot adjust.
Play calling: I feel like I am watching preseason. I haven't noticed new play designs or approaches that SP always seems to implement for each game. Even if a play didn't work, it seems to set up another play. Teams were kept off balance. The offense seems to be a man-for-man attack.
JW PTSD: I don't if it is the injury last year or the poor pass protection, but JW is completely unsettled. Plus, JW seems to be looking for the home run a lot and is reluctant to check down. I am all for going deep. DB would often look deep and then check down. It is still a reluctant move for JW.
Run Defense: It is awful, especially the interior.
Lack of Discipline: This is a huge problem. There are too many preventable costly penalties every week, either extending drives defensively or killing them offensively. This is DA's biggest failing thus far.

Lastly, I have to disagree with the OP that DA was a"serviceable" DC. We had one of the best defenses under him and I never felt the defense was not well prepared week to week.

Whether or not we keep these coaches relies entirely on how these issues are resolved.



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Our biggest problems are identifying blitzers, costly penalties and untimely fumbles. And what happened to special teams!? Offense could definitely stand to be less predictable but there were times in each of the last 3 games where we were finally getting in a groove just to have a penalty or fumble derail the momentum.

Unless our QB has a league leading time to throw they won't be successful behind our line as it stands now. They can't block anything that's not the standard 4 down linemen.

As for the future we will be getting at least a first round pick for Payton. I have no doubt the trade was made with that expectation in mind. And when we do get a first round pick, if a QB change is necessary he'll have a young LT to protect his blind side and 2 stud WR's to throw to.

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Dennis Allen record as a head coach with 3 years in Oakland and also including the past 3 games in New Orleans is 9wins 30 losses, not good folks

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3 games in and you're bowing out already?

Not yet but maybe after 4 games…😀jk. WhoDat 4 life but still can be critical. I can talk about my team but nobody else better talk bad about them!

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