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Oct 26, 2004
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It is early and this young team is being hampered by injury , and really bad luck with some spotty officiating at bad times . We absolutely deserve to win that game today , and to have a terrible pass interference to extend the final drive instead of punt is mind numbing . It really is the way the league can control outcomes . One bad call in a close ballgame swings it every time . We should know 2 games in a row for us .
The bright side to this is that our Oline has played well . Drew is playing well and in spite of all our injuries on the young defense we seem to be turning the corner , we played well today and it was nice to see . Now I want Crowley to knock that ball down at the end as much as anyone but he played it perfect just bad luck it happens .
Coach Payton was doing what's best at the end of the game he tried to keep as much time as he could on the clock if they scored . He didn't count on a phantom PI call extending a drive . In 90 percent of our games he made the right call to do that .
We cost our selves the most with the blocked FG TD that was the game essentially we make that kick and we win the game .

I still think we can be 2-2 in 2 weeks with a by week coming . If we can do that all bets are off. The season is to young to be shot already and some of y'all have pointed out we are one game out ! Lol so let just see what happens this team is better and it's young we just need some luck on our side , just stay the course we will be fine


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Aug 28, 2008
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beyond thunderdome
Although bad calls play a factor, you have to capitalize throughout the game. For a team that never gets turnovers, we got 3 today, and did nothing with them. Can't win like that.

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