I am sick of this empty back set formation (1 Viewer)


Oct 16, 2013
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Granted the defense played terrible tonight and the offense play the way we all expected them to play. However some of these play calls are questionable. What is up with the empty back set formation? We were going down field on first and 10 and we come up with an empty set on the next play. Two crucial plays that stalled our drive. One of it was a corner blitz and got to Brees. The other was the pick six. Why put so much emphasis on running the ball when they not going to do it. Looking at the defense and special team early on have me frustrated. But seeing two crucial drive screw up by this formation got me more upset the other problems we have.

Having a running back in the back field would have picked up that blitz, or the option to run the ball or check down. Seeing this empty set got me question Payton sometimes. He gets too cute for his own good.

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