I came here for the football but stayed for the fun. (1 Viewer)

I barely talk saints football here. EE and College/LSU are where its at. Hope to see more life with the pels with them making a run for the playoffs.

I like SSF.

It's a good place for news but the problem is it's a single topic and you get the same threads and responses again and again.

Jasonsw said it well.

You get to know people better over here.

Somehow I got locked in this asylum and I can't get out.
i only came back here because of one of my lame friends and cousin-in-law bickering like school girls.
I came for the football too.

I once said "EE is like a tar pit."

You are stuck with us now.


You forgot the rest of what you said, "EE is like a tar pit and I am a tar baby"
Man, this guy likes this place and he has never seen the dinsosaur thread or the listerine vs. butt pimples thread.

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