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Jun 23, 2005
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We had so many oppurtunites to win the game. Out of the 6 years of following the Saints, this one has to be in the top 5 of ones that hurt the most.

Our Linebackers and Defensive backs stunk up the field, heck our whole defense stunk. Copper played well until the last few series, then he caught the Butterfingers disese. If that ball would have been thrown to Colston, he would not have fumbled it. We need to bounce back and beat the Bengals, but I'm very uneasy about that game too.
is anyone else?
If we can't stop turning it over, we're in for more losses. Our D just can't come up with turnovers, and our O is suddenly getting more and more generous. What hurts is that Pittsburgh was even worse than us in the turnover category, yet we were the ones that kept coughing up the ball today.
I wasn't expecting this one to mean this much to me. Maybe it's because I know so many damn steelers fans I wanted the W more. As far as losses go, this wasn't an big deal. It's a loss to an AFC team so it has little bearing on the playoff picture, the Falcons also lost today and we're still on track to go .500 after the Bye week as I said I would be happy with BUT this game infuriated me with the turnovers, huge runs and to a lesser extent the dumb penalties. Just like against our last AFC foe that's a recipe for losing.

I was having such a good weekend too. :mad:
I'm having the same feeling about the Bengals that I had about the Steelers. We will lose that game as well.
I'm over it. We lost, but Reggie got his first rushing TD, the Falcons lost too, and we are still the undisputed champs of the NFC South.

Of course, I haven't gotten a full night's sleep in almost 6 months, so my judgment is not the best.

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