I heard all day today "See Cliff, same ole Saints" (1 Viewer)


Jul 8, 2001
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I didn't say much except, new coach, new team give em one bad game.

I would say this team was not the same team we have seen!

No turn overs protect the ball


few mistakes

Where did those guys go?

I expect the real Saints to come back this week not those guys!

When ever people know your a Saints fan they don't say much about winning but man a bad game and they call you long distance!!!!

Its only 1 game. Every team will have its bad games except the 72 phins
I am fine!!!!

I am sure our team will show up next week. 6-2 looks fine to me!!!
There is still lots of football to be played.
Look at the Steelers this year. I know they have alot of history, but they have to be mad about this year. We are not the same old Saints. To the people booing and throwing the top of domino's pizza boxes, please donate your tickets to charity.
The people who are saying that are not true fans of the Saints anyway, they just couldn't wait to finally have something to complain about.
I hate that. People who want to rush back to that "same old Saints" sentiment (I heard it too) almost seem as if they want the Saints to be bad. Like it feels comfortable to them or something.

It's just one game. We were off. It happens. But the people who rush to say that mess shouldn't be allowed to celebrate when the Saints play well.
I was very dissapointed to hear the fans were taken out of the game and were even leaving by the 3rd quarter. If you look at it, we have played almost 2 quarters of the season. In the first quarter we were 3-1. Now in the second quarter we are 2-1 so far with a strong possibility of being 3-1 by the half. People, that's not too shabby. If this team can continue to win 3 out of every 4 games, that makes for a 12-4 season and a playoff berth.

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