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Jan 22, 2000
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I just re-watched the last 8 minutes of the Eagles game from 2 weeks ago.

I can't tell you how much I was reminded just how different this Saints team is playing this year. While Sean Payton is certainly the architect of this change, it should be noted just how important of a 'cog' that Drew Brees is in this new 'machine'.
Drew was cool and made excellent decisions throughout 'The Drive'.

With this kind of leadership, I think we may have a chance today to take yet another win at home today.

While it's fun to be able to get excited again about my Saints, I wish it wasn't so hard to keep from worrying about this and every other game this season. Every time my expectations are raised....

Awwwwww.... never mind.

Thank you for this forum.
It's the best therapy I've been able to find. :sweat:
We showed a lot of fight in that game. As long as we have McAllister, Bush, Brees, and Horn we will have a shot every week. These guys are big time competitors and they have no quit in them. Also, if the atmoshphere in the Dome is anything today like it was two weeks ago, we have a huge advantage before the game even begins.

This is going to be a winning football team for a long time.
Go Saints!

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