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Dec 15, 2009
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Last year around this time, Poohdell had already dropped the hammer on the franchise with the bounty gate fiasco making the Saints org look like the Gambino crime family, we had Drew under a franchise tag and future uncertain, losing Nicks, Porter, Meach and had limited cap space. It was depressing!!

Biggest worry this year is will we lose Bushrod and Daniel, will we make some improvements on defense (which is always the question every year).

I know its quiet and that can be aggrevating at times especially when other teams are making big moves. But remember teams that win in March rarely every win in Febuary. And at the end of the day, this franchise is solid. Do we have work to do? Of course, but we have a solid foundation. Great coach, great QB, great owner, solid FO, good group of core players.

And the biggest thing of all, this is the first off season in years where things are quiet:

2012 offseason: Brees contract empasse, bounty gate
2011 offseason: Lockout, 27 in house free agents, Reggie "It was fun new orleans" tweet
2010 offseason: Super Bowl euphoria, Final 8 rule due to uncapped year

I welcome this quietness. Keep our heads down and work towards having a winning season.


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Apr 26, 2012
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the NOLA
No need to worry about the loss of bushrod! If he gets paid which he most likely will then I have no doubt in my mind we get LONG from Miami and he has already said he wants to play here and that could be why we didn't franchise bushrod! Long is a outstanding player and would be an instant upgrade and would lock Down frees blindside forever! He is a top 1-3 LT and would make our line unstoppable! Espically if brown steps up and beats strief out for RT

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