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Nov 18, 2000
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I havent seen much mention of this, but how great was that play? He simply shook off a D-Lineman like he was a wimpy DB. And then he showed some quickness after that.
That was a fairly important first down as well (we were trying to run the clock out). I was suprised and impressed
For a busted play, it worked out well! :D
copper runs better than bush he knows not to dance
when you can't dance, maybe you know not to..lol
Copper has played well for us this year when he's been out there... Good pickup late...
Yea, Copper busted a spin move in the backfield to get away from the defender. Found a little room at the original line of scrimmage and really turned it on to get the first down. I really like this guy, he is another of the I can do many things guys that Payton has brought in.
Copper also had an excellent catch early in the game---outstretched, and all hands.
I loved that play but i thought it was silly they called it twice on one drive.

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