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Jun 6, 2006
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Last night a buddy of mine called and asked if I wanted to go to the UCLA-BYU basketball game; said he got a couple tickets from a friend of his who has season tix and wasn't going. So I took him up on it- we went to Pauley Pavillion, get in the arena and come to find out- they're floor seats. Cheerleaders to the right, giving us googly eyes because they think we must be important (if they only knew) and the players were right in front of us. There is only one row of floor seats, and we were in it. We were so close to the action that, at one point, a guy a couple seats down from me got flattened on his back by a player going after the ball. At one point, I accidentally stepped on the court and my friend had to remind me to step back so the team didn't get a technical :hihi: .. Anyway, watched Sportscenter later and they showed me standing up to clap when UCLA got a steal. I wasn't a UCLA basketball fan before, but I am now- so much history in that building, more championship banners hanging from the rafters than I could count. Good times indeed..........

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