I think everyone needs to go to the store and buy a Panthers hat (1 Viewer)


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Dec 3, 2006
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We can always burn it and wash our hair really good on Monday.:worthy:

Hell, I may even hang me up a Jake Delhomme poster on my wall just for good luck. I live in Lafayette, they have Jake stuff all over town.

Come on John Fox!
Give us this one victory.

Hey, I'm rooting for them to win next week too, but let's not get carried away, now. Wearing Panthers gear will give you cooties; it's a known fact. ;)

However, I will give my cats some leftover turkey as a general sign of goodwill toward felines of every sort (including Panthers).
John Fox and Payton go way back...maybe, he can do a friend a favor, in return, we'll replace the joan of arc statue in the french quarter with a John Fox statue....seems like the decent thing to do
I'll eat a Panthers hat if they beat the Falcowns.
I am going to send the Panthers front office a case of Juicey Fruit for the game sunday.

This should do it.
Just wear a NASCAR hat - it'll be close enough.
I wouldn't spend one cent on another teams merchandise nor wear it under the threat of death, torture, or stupid bet. Never. Black and gold. None other.... Crazy, man

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