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Mar 3, 2008
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I know this isn't totally about the saints but I know we all feel a moment when situations in our lives liken ourselves to our favorite players. I just recently underwent surgery to repair a torn Labrum on my right shoulder I am currently goin through physical therapy and rehabbing it. when I heard this news from my doctor I was really scared then my dad came and told me look at drew brees if he could come back from that then I could. though I am in no way as athletic or have access to the doctors that drew had I couldn't help feeling closer to the team and drew in particular i this moment. call it hero worship or freak coincidence I just wanted to tell my story on the boards and see if anyone else feels this way. I love the saints so much that It inspired me to work as hard as I could to get back to full shape and I am proud to admit that one week after surgery I am out of my sling ( a full week before I was supposed to!!) and I know that that inspiration has helped me get better. I am also reading a book called Patron Saints which really put all my struggles from the hurricane to my current state in perspective. We all love the saints here so I am jsut saying maybe inspiration is all we need and thanks to this board I have felt alive again after being stuck here in kansas for the past 2 and ahalf years being deprived of saints football unless it was a monday or sunday night game. so this is a small thanks to this board for helping me out


Feb 21, 2003
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Keep up the good work. I love that book Patron Saints. If you open to the picture section and see the fan with the Off Fence sign and the hardhat. That is me! Got the book as a christmas present.

I know what you are talking about with the surgery as well. I have had both of my knees scoped at different times. I have no clue how one of those guys can get a knee scoped and then come back and play in a game two weeks later. I mean my knee might have been able to do something more strenuous than what I was putting it through, but there is a HUGE mental issue that took me a while to get through. I didn't want to re-injure it or anything. It is not that it hurt for that long, I just didn't have the confidence in it. I did a lot like you did though and kept thinking that man if these guys can do it in 2 weeks, I should be able to bounce back in 4!

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