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Jul 6, 2001
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Elizabethtown , KY , from Shreveport
The wife and I went to our daughter Fall Festival , afterwards we went to a local place to eat some lunch. Something told me to wear some of my Saints apperal so I wore a hat , and my Saints Jacket. I had to go to the little boys room , and after I walked out making my way back into the lobby a man that had a black and gold Katrina shirt on stopped me and asked me if I was from New Orleans , I told him I was from Shreveport , but now live in KY. He then told me that he had just got back from N.O. , he had been there the past 6 weeks working in the 9th ward. He had told me everything he had done down there and it sounded like he was involved with alot of different projects, especialy for the local kids. I told the man thank you and God Bless you for doing everything you have done. He said he was comming home only for a week then going back. Before he left he asked me if I like to drink beer , I said yes. He went to his car, and when he came back in he handed me a beer made for the October fest , brewed for cutters. I will enjoy this beer while watching the Saints play the Ravens Sunday. I will make a toast to everyone in the Cresent city, either living there or helping out there.

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