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Dec 10, 2011
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One of these top shelf TEs like Kelce, Kittle or Gronk back in the day.

Not so much a pass catcher as a total psycho bad arse that refuses to go down, loves to block the sheet out of someone, etc.

They are basically are equally as dangerous in the run game and/or pass game.

Lots of TEs get picked each year, but unless they have that extra gear of nasty, then they just aren’t what you need in January.

I honestly think this position is as valuable as any you can draft in the first round......judging by Kittle and Kelce taking over games. And we’ve all seen the impact Gronk has in January.

This might fall under Captain Obvious, but I think teams don’t value a game changing TE like they value OL, DE or CB.
Running a two TE set, with both TEs being great pass catchers would be dangerous.
It’s not even the pass catchers.....it’s the mental makeup of being the biggest, baddest dude on the field.

Kelce and Kittle BOTH have this insane ability to initiate contact, in fact speed up going into it.

Their legs never stop churning.

And they both block like nasty interior OL.

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