"I would tell (fans) not to try to remember 2002, (3 Viewers)

Apr 28, 2005
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Ponchatoula, Louisiana
because we're 6-4 and we're not looking at not being in the playoffs.So I think that they should be positive," said Saints receiver Joe Horn, one of 10 players still on the roster four years later. "Everybody's coming together. Everybody's going to stay tight within this locker room and stop making mistakes and stop making small errors that keep us from winning football games.

"I can't tell you what the message was from the coaches. But I can tell you as players, we listened and we understood, and we're staying tight as a group. As long as we do that, we'll win football games -- and we'll look forward to playing in the playoffs."

I hope this sinks in to all the player's heads and not just a few like Horn.
Quick! Name the 10 players still on the roster from 2002.

Joe Horn
Deuce McAllister
Michael Lewis
John Carney?

Charles Grant is 2003 isn't he?

Fred Thomas
Jay Bellamy?
Willie Whitehead
That's 6 and 1 maybe (not sure when Bellamy came in)
Terrence Melton
Steve Gleason
Kevin Houser
We had a huge overhaul the season after 2002. Ok LS it's time to do some investigation. I'm pretty sure Houser is one too.
See Berger and Conwell came in 2003. Now if he's counting this season, as one of the four, then that would make 10 players.

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