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Oct 18, 2006
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Don't get me wrong, we have the best person for the job. Drew has proven to be to be the best FA signing this offseason and is a Pro Bowl QB. His name also should be included in the MVP discussion. I'm glad that he's having such an amazing year and we're set at QB for the forseeable future.
I'm just curious how everyone feels about -hyopthetically- Vick were the QB of this team. The plain fact is that I'd gladly take him as our QB- if the coaching staff wanted him, I'd want him too.
The guy is an amazing playmaker and gives the Falcons the best (and only) possibility to win week in and week out. A lot of people say he isn't a great pocket passer, but I see most of his passes as very catchable. In Coach P's offense, with our weapons, I'd say he'd be the best QB in the league, hands down.
There are only two players in the NFL that scare me before game time. Mike Vick and Steve Smith. I know it's almost blasphemous, but I'd put both of these guys in Black in Gold at a moment's notice. I hate them out of general principle, but I know what they are very capable of. Anyone esle out there have an opinion on this?
Coaching staff wouldn't want him, Vick isn't capable of running Payton's prefered offense unless he were broken down fundamentally and rebuilt.
He could return kicks for me, or be an EXCELLENT backup, but as a starter, the novelty has caught up with him.
He would have to learn to read a defense.
Had a buddy of mine, who is a Falcons fan (the company I keep) and he stated that Vick has never audibled at the line of scrimmage. Not sure if that is true, but I don't ever recall him doing it.
That being said, the Falcons represent everything that is evil and wrong in this world.
I would like to keep our team disease free, thank you.
Vick is a skilled playmaker but a subpar QB. The best scenario for him would probably be to play on a team with a top three caliber defense with a ground attack offense as a nice complement.

I really don't get why people are enamored with him at his position though. He does amazing things on the ground from the QB position but what dimension is that adding that a solid RB attack doesn't provide if it isn't balanced with consistent passing skills? He's great on the highlight reel and a nifty little novelty act but not an accomplished enough passer for him to be a player I'd covet at the position.
Sandman said:

The guy is a cancer on and off the field. He takes no responsibility for anything and is constantly throwing other players and coaches under the bus. He is ranked dead last or very close to it every year in passer rating, passing yards and completion percentage, Atlanta has talent all over the roster but under Vick they haven't been to the playoffs in years. Vick is garbage, the only player that I would want less than Vick is Jeremy Stevens.

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