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Mar 1, 2008
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LINEBACKERS: This area has been much improved solely with the addition of Vilma. His presence (when healthy) will imoprove Shanle and Fujita's productivity because of the attention Olines will need to pay him. If we could also land Briggs or a top OLB in the draft, it will improve our from seven more than just getting a top DT in free agency.

D-LINE: We have 4 players with some experience at DT but need an imidiate pass rushing threat in that position; whether it be in trade, draft, or FA. A solid DE should also be added but a high price should not be paid for one. These additions would also improve a second rate secondary by forcing poor throws.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: Our secondary is offensive to loyal fans and to the other teams offenses. Quarterbacks and recievers hooked up more against the Saints than they did at senior prom. Three strong players should be added; a young man corner with trade or FA, probally a first round CB, and maybe even a 3rd round FS/CB. David did blow it at times, but Bullocks, a FS, is supposed to be somewhere near the ball when thrown 30+ yards down field.

WIDE RECIEVER: This could go either way, big money or not. Colston-proven #1, Moore-showed promise, could develop into a Wes Welker type slot reciever after a year or two, the rest is up in the air. Meachem-who knows, hopefully this season on the sidelines made him work hard for a job. And if Patten and Copper can be consistant they might not need much. Shockey could come in at TE, that would help plenty. But i would LOVE to see Moss in black and gold next to Colston.

IDEAL OFFSEASON- Dorsey or Ellis drop and we get one of them or DMcF drops and we trade the pick, I would take either or. Give this year's 4th and next years 5th for Shockey or this years 3rd and next years 5th for Lito. CB/OLB in the first, CB/OLB in the second, FS/DL/TE in third, then best available. (FA)sign Briggs or Moss and/or LaBoy. (TRADE) for Shockey or Shepard.

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