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Aug 1, 2002
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Have any of you guys used something like idrive of Pedal Commander? These devices say they offer greater throttle response.

Very popular among the Slingshot community. It doesn’t make your vehicle any faster. Yes, it increases throttle response by removing the tiny bit of lag that is built in your vehicle’s throttle. Be aware that it can make tip in rather abrupt on some vehicles. It’s too expensive for me considering what it actually does. In any case, if installed properly it won’t hurt anything.
I have a sprint booster , it's the same thing . I like it . My car is a stick and it makes it more pleasantly driveable (was basically impossible to heel-toe before.)
I think if you're the kind of person who's always deep in the throttle , you'll have little appreciation but if you tend to stay in the lower end and shift more , you'll love it as it's much more snappy coming up part throttle .
If you aren't scared about splicing wires and don't care about plug-n-play , you can build one for under $20 , it's a linear signal amplifier not rocket surgery .

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