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Sep 8, 2020
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I'm not saying Taysom tanks. In fact, im hoping we can find our QB of the future when Brees hangs it up. With Winston, he is younger and has more longevity so of course I'm hoping to see him more than Taysom.

Taysom brings sparks in the Swiss army knife of our offensive production. Putting him at QB, we lose that versatility if he plays QB.

What I mean by contract, the reason he re-signed with us was because we would give him XX amount of snaps, etc. He wants to be a full time QB and unless we start him, I'm pretty sure he would demand a trade or release. I can think of several teams right now needing a full time QB.
I don't buy it. Payton plays who he wants to play. The saints made the price to poach Taysom too high with a First-rounder and a $21 million offer that any other team would have had to match or beat. . Maybe they made a mistake paying him that much but the Saint's plan for Tayson was not six snaps per game.

I'm pretty sure Payton would have liked another 9 months to polish Taysom but in truth is he isn't ready to play tomorrow then those extra months would probably not change that. The only thing that is not according to plan is the timing.

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