If I ran the Saints FO this is how the offseason would go..... (1 Viewer)


Mar 7, 2007
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Trade back to the 15 or 16 area of round one, maybe our round one for theirs and Dansby. Hes been franchised and is likely unhappy and someone they would trade away to move up and get a guy like Mckelvin.

Sign Asante Samuel

Use our round 1 pick on Cromartie

Trade Round 2 pick with Green bay for Williams and their round two, swap 3's or 4's or our 3 for their 4, or our 4 for their 5. Whatever combination makes it work

Use the 2nd from Green Bay for top remaining OLB/MLB/DT, whichever position has the BPA

3 through 7 can be used for guys such as Okam, Eddie Royal, top remaining tight end, another Linebacker or even a backup quarterback.

Hopefully Meecham (sorry if its spelled wrong), and Usama step up as starters/ solid contributors and suddenly we have a solid D, plus some new offensive stars.

This would also leave us room to sign some other free agents, not neccesarily top tier but solid guys that can come in and help us on either side of the ball.

This is not based on any inside information, rumours or is meant to be taken too seriously, nor do I think it is going to happen. I do think that it is not unrealistic, though Im certain it would require some tweaking, I just dont think it would happen. I just wanted everyone to know what I would see as maybe the perfect offseason for us

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