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Mar 16, 2005
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As we all know (most of us) Carson basically said that all we have is Reggie. Uh Deuce, Horn, Colston and Henderson to a lessor degree seem to be overlooked there. I hope they take this as a challenge to educate Carson.

Big Bonus here... we can get some folks on the other team to start pointing fingers with a quick start. Their safety (Jackson?) volunteered that some of his team mates quit in the San Diego game. They aired it on the NFL Replay. Nothing like a "fake love" comment to bring a team down. He basically pulled the same stunt. I hope it comes back to bite him.
I'd say he missed the greatest superstar we have on this team.

Drew Brees !!!!!!!!
This one we deserve to win. Drew will be happy to deflect praise to his team mates. This is a team sport. We have a very good team. TEAM!!! Did I mention I'm in favor of 33 playing as one?
i doubt theyre being overlooked. carson is playing head games. they will key in on all our talent.

but who do they double team?
i doubt theyre being overlooked. carson is playing head games. they will key in on all our talent.

but who do they double team?

I dunno about head games. Probably not paying much attention. It's not something I'd want one of our guys to say about another team though. It doesn't bother me at all. I prefer it that way. the only reason I posted it was to hopefully get some talk going and maybe get the team a little extra motivation to win.
Reggie's the only mega superstar we have on the team.

He, Vick, Brady, Manning, and T.O. are probably the biggest superstars in the NFL (for good and bad reasons).

Brees, Horn, and Deuce are our other known players, but the everyday person probably wouldn't know them.

Everyone else on our team isn't viewed as superstars. I don't know where you go off in listing Devery Henderson in your list...
He said superstars not "good players" Brees, Duece, Horn etc are all "Good players" on this team Not superstars, Superstars pretty much excite people who aren't even Fans of "That team" that has the superstar on it, such as T.O. and Jerry Rice, these guys are Respected and are Celebrities.
Drew Brees, Duece and horn are just fan favorites and very good Players on our team, they are "OUR" superstar's.

Reggie is an Exciting player coming off an exciting College team with a HUGE fan-base, and possibly has brought those fans to the Saints team, thats Superstar Status.
i'd say Deuce is definately up there 2 or 3 years ago.. Horn for sure.

I live north of atlanta, and hear these 2 all the time. and now Colston, preseason was deuce and bush talk, with horn in there

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