If the Hornets leave Shinn Wins! (1 Viewer)


Oct 2, 2004
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How come the Saints sell out? How come there is a 22,000 person waiting list? How come people support the Voodoo and Zephyrs?
Have you seen the Season ticket packages for the Hornets? Football is a weekend sport in the Fall 8-10 games a year. Much easier to support than a 40 plus game Basketball season, that has games everyday of the week.

I Love the Hornets personally, don't get me wrong I wanna see them stay here and love the entertainment they provide, but in a city where Football is King and the Saints have roots that go 40 Plus years, it takes time to create the bond the Saints or the Zephyrs have.

I can't slight this city in any way shape or form as it concerns the Hornets. Neither can I blame Shinn for his actions. (They are Trying) But at the end of the day the Cox contract and the 2 year absence from the city is whats hurting this time now.

It can turn around and i hope it does really, I love bringing my kids down to the area to enjoy that atmosphere.


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Nov 8, 2003
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Tampa, Fl
Question do you have Season Tickets to the Hornets?

Well first of all i live in Tampa, FL have been here since 2001 And secondly i bought season Tickets for my brothers so yes, i have season tickets but no i don't go to most of the games i have been to 3 games, and i travel 10 hours to do that for Saints and now Hornets.

So i guess you can call me an Ultimate fan of New Orleans (period) thats why i took New Orleanians to task.

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