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Oct 28, 2006
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two games we muST win Atlanta and DAllas, becuase as of right now only team i can really see fighting for a wildcard spot is DAllas we have to win our other games but if we have to lose 2mor games lets make Sure it isnt to them!!
ummmmmmmm...............you don't think the Carolina game at the end of the season isn't important? I think they need to be added due to the close race in the Div and that they already beat us once. I'd rather win the Div than to settle for a wildcard spot.
for the divison it's very important but i was tlaking about if we dont win the divison and try for a wildcard, but your right somehow i think the finally game of the season will decide who wins the divison:scratch:
Quite honestly, we do not know how things will unfold in th next couple of weeks, Dallas and the Giants could skid to two losses in a row, and SF can go on a 5 game winning streak. Suddenly, the Niners game is looking awfully important.
every game from here on out is a must win! they control our own destiny, because every team left on the schedule is in playoff contention (except washington). the falcons and the panthers games are ABSOLUTELY MUST WINS to the tenth degree!!!

looking at the tie breakers ... they're in real good shape at 5-1 in the NFC, but the division games are a MUST.
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The Saints control their own destiny. I figured it out last night and if I figured it out correctly, if we win the rest of our games the worse we can get is the second seed in the playoffs. One good thing we have going for us is that we are 5-1 against the NFC. Only Chicago has a better conference record right now.
All games from here on out is a must win for the Saints. Got dernit the Panthers are leading the division. MISTAKES, MISTAKES, MISTAKES.
I have been saying this since game one. The next game is the most important game. That game happens to be the Falcons. You cannot achieve true success unless you look at the schedule that way. To me we played that way against the Steelers but not the other two losses. One game at a time, never look ahead. You know if you think about it, even had we beat the Bengals we would still be in a pretty much must win situation this week because of the NFC ramifications. This is a must win because it is the next game first and now because we cannot lose three in a row. I really never thought this team would drop 2 in a row.
All we have to do is stay tied with Carolina and ahead of the Falcons and we're in regardless of record. I think beating the Falcons next week will fix a lot of things, heh.

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