If you live in TX, OK, AR, KA, MO, IA, OR MN; where were you? (1 Viewer)


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Dec 30, 2004
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Austin Tx. via Irish Channel
If you live in TX, OK, AR, KA, MO, IA, OR MN; where were you the last three days? I just drove though each of these states on my way to Little Falls, MN to pick up a new boat I ordered; (Larson Boats Mfc. is located in Little Falls). I stopped at every sports bar along tha way; but I did not see any of you, nor did I see any SAINTS fans. OK, maybe I didn't stop at EVERY sports bar... ok,ok, maybre I didn't stop any ANY sports bars, but I did listen to a whole bunch of sports radio shows, and NO ONE, even mentioned the SAINTS. I was waiting for one of you guys to call in to the local sports show and rave abut the SAINTS but it never happened.

Seriously, I heard a "whole lotta love" out there for the Cowboys, Rams, Chiefs, and Vikings but no love for the SAINTS. Where were you guys?
UP here in NWA we are talking nothing but Razorback Football on any Sports talk
You are right I failed to mention that, I heard a lot of talk about the razorbacks.

I just thought there would be more mention of the SAINTS on some of these regional shows. BTW - They did talk about several "non-home" teams like the Falcons, Colts, Pats, and some others but we never got mentioned, except by one handicapper who said were were now falling and would lose to the Bucs.

Has that been the case, even with our good start?
Unless you were coming down I-35 in Texas north of Dallas, you wouldn't have passed through where I am. But good news is that me and a few fellow fans found a new bar that had more saints fans. The more, the better.
I assume he means KS for Kansas. I am a Louisiana native, and called New Orleans my home since 1990. I move to Wichita, KS to attend school in 2002. Lost everything that was in storage in NO this past August. I proudly wear my Drew Brees jersey on Wichita State University campus every Friday :)

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