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Jun 23, 2002
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New Orleans, LA
I've been almost riding on Cloud 9 with this season. It has been wonderful. The last two losses have brought me back down to reality. Do I think we are good or bad? It doesn't really matter. I think we are very good, but, awesome teams don't continually make the mistakes the Saints are making. Of course we would have won without the mistakes, but, we are a young team and the mistakes have been made. Do I think we will make the playoffs? Yep. But, as every NFL season progresses, as the weeks pass, teams are generally put into the proper place, where they belong. I certainly hope we make the playoffs and go further than that! But, we'll see. I'm back down to reality and certainly realize that anything is possible. I'm not jumping on or jumping off of any bandwagon...I'm the same as I ever was...just a little more in check with reality. We're going nowhere if the Saints don't clean up their act. And no team in the NFL would go far with the mistakes. PERIOD.

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