IMHO,Play Of TE's Campbell and Miller Was Solid (1 Viewer)

Jan 23, 2000
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With huge games by Brees, Colston and Henderson on offense, Think our TE's got overlooked. Thought Campbell and Miller had some solid play also with both making critical catches for first downs in second half of todays game.
I have liked Miller since he was in Houston.... Out of all our TE's he has the most skills in the passing game.
I like Campbell today.. I don't think we "NEED" a TE until our current TE's prove that they can't do their job.
Campbell had a great effort play to get an important first, and Miller had an amazing catch.

Karney also picked up two 1st downs today in rare FB play. :p
Miller's catch was very impressive.

No kidding. Miller lost his job in Houston because he wasn't a very good blocker though. Not sure how much playing time he can earn. Nice to know he's clutch when he is in there though.
I also noticed that they helped out Strief a few times in protection. I've never been a huge Conwell fan, so to see some fresh faces at the position making plays is very nice.
The TE's did an excellent job of chipping. They were helping out Strief a lot early on and Stinch started getting beat and the coaches adjusted by using the TE's to help chip on the right side of the line. You could see that our OT's struggled at times but they played good considering their age. The TE's did an excellent job and it seems like they are open any time we need a couple yards.

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